The Evolution of Evolutionary Thought: Part 6, Natural Selection


In a previous post, you learned that evolution is a theory, and a theory is something that all the scientific evidence supports. In another post, you learned about the theory of evolution. But, how did the theory of evolution come about? What was the evolution of evolutionary thought? Well, in order for the theory of evolution to be developed, some ideas needed to change.

The Theory of Natural Selection

In each generation, there are more offspring than can survive, due to limited resources. So, there is competition for these resources, and organisms that have certain traits will have an advantage over those who don’t.

Natural Selection in Action


In summary, the theory of natural selection says that there is competition for resources, and some organisms with certain traits will have an advantage over other organisms. These organisms will live and reproduce, and pass their beneficial traits on to the next generation. Over time, the population will contain more of the beneficial traits. Then, over a long period of time, the later generations may be so different from the original ones that a new species has been created.

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